RHT Holding Ltd initially started its operations in 1954 under the name Rose Hill Transport Group, operating in public transport in Mauritius. 
Its years of experience, operating in bus services sector, RHT Holding Ltd has established itself as a leading market player.

In 2006, with a view to diversifying its activities, the Company was listed on the Development & Enterprise Market of the Stock Exchange of Mauritius (“SEM”). Following its introduction on the SEM, a restructuring program was implemented in 2008 to separate the different activities into clusters.
In 2010, the shareholders resolved to change the name of the Group from Rose Hill Transport Ltd to RHT Holding Ltd.

RHT Holding

Although public transport remains the core activity of the Group, operating under the name of RHT Bus Services Ltd, there has been a diversification into corporate venturing, investment in property and equities of blue-chip companies trading on the SEM as well as in international funds.

On 7 September 2015, RHT Holding Ltd was also listed on the SEM Sustainability Index (“SEMSI”), which seeks to promote the best companies in Mauritius working to provide a more sustainable business environment for all stakeholders.

The RHT Group is now entering a crucial phase. With the advent of the Metro project, the Company is poised to reinvent itself and transition to markets that offer better margins.

Mission and Vision
Mission and Vision

Our Mission
We aspire to be one of Mauritius’ most valuable companies through innovation, world-class performance and a clear focus on each of our business segments.

Our Vision
To be a trendsetter offering an outstanding level of service that meets the highest environmental and social standards.