Governance Structure

RHT Holding Ltd is listed on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius and recognised as a Public Interest Entity. It is therefore bound to comply with all the principles of the National Code of Corporate Governance for Mauritius. The Board takes its fiuciary responsibilities very seriously. Each Director is appointed with the understanding of the amount of time and care that they will need to devote to the Board and to the organisation in order for it to prosper.

The following key governance documents are available on the Company’s website:

• Board Charter
• Organisation Chart
• Code of Ethics

These documents have been drafted with the skills, knowledge, and expertise of the Board of Directors, who have not only been fully involved but have unanimously approved these important documents and seek to adhere to them by the spirit and by letter. These are reviewed by the Board on a regular basis.

Company Structure


Organisational Structure

The Board takes particular note of the following key governance positions which are critical to the Board performing against its strategy and achieving a high level of good governance. It has also approved the statement of accountabilities.