What we do

RHT Properties Ltd is the real estate arm of RHT Holding Ltd. It currently manages all the properties and facilities of the Group. The company will soon start investment in residential and commercial segments.

Mauritius is witnessing a boom in the realty sector fuelled by foreign investment and appetite of locals for better amenities and living spaces. RHT Properties Ltd. would like to become an active player in the new development phase of Mauritius. The objective is to create spaces and buildings that adhere to ‘Green’ standards and enhance the quality of living of all Mauritians.

The Group is known for being Innovative and a Trend Setter in all spheres of its activities; future projects will encompass these values.

Create spaces and buildings that are inspired by the environment and that exceed the expectations of our customers.

To transform RHT Properties Ltd. into a leading Real Estate Developer / Property Management company and to create landmark projects that enhances significantly the quality of life of people.

RHT Properties Ltd